Committed to Safety in Every Pickup

WasteFree's commitment to safety ensures a risk-free waste management experience, safeguarding residents and property integrity.
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We meticulously select dedicated individuals, ensuring a robust background check for trustworthy service.



New hires undergo intensive training on our safety protocols and community-specific guidelines for top-notch service.


Service Trail

Before full deployment, employees are shadowed and evaluated by district leaders to guarantee compliance with our high standards.


Continual Oversight

We conduct regular audits and provide ongoing education, reinforcing our commitment to safe, secure, and exceptional waste management.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Safety

How does the risk-free trial work?

Our 90-day risk-free trial is designed to give you a comprehensive experience of our services without any commitment. If you decide we're not the right fit within this period, we'll part ways with no cost to you.

What types of properties does WasteFree service?

WasteFree caters to a wide range of properties, including residential communities, commercial buildings, and special event venues. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each property type.

Do you offer recycling services?

Absolutely! We're committed to sustainability, which includes providing convenient and efficient recycling solutions as part of our waste management services.

How can I report a missed pickup or service issue?

If you encounter any service issues, our responsive customer care team is ready to assist you. You can report any concerns via our customer portal or directly through our support hotline.

Are there additional costs for the provision of trash cans?

No, there are no extra charges. We provide trash cans to our customers at no additional cost, as part of our commitment to providing a complete waste management solution.

How is WasteFree contributing to environmental sustainability?

We integrate eco-friendly practices across all our services, from using biodegradable materials to implementing advanced recycling programs. Our goal is to minimize waste's environmental impact.

Can I customize my waste pickup schedule?

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate the specific needs of your property. We work with you to determine the best pickup times that will ensure efficiency and convenience.

What makes WasteFree different from other waste management services?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction, our innovative and sustainable approach to waste management, and our value-added services like free trash cans set us apart in the industry.

How does WasteFree handle large or bulky item disposal?

We have special procedures in place for the disposal of large or bulky items. Please contact our customer service for more information on how we can assist with these types of waste.

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Top-Tier Valet Disposal

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