Streamline Your Budget: Flexible Pricing Packages for Multifamily Communities

By partnering with us, multifamily communities can stay ahead of the curve with innovative waste management strategies, communications, and operations that drive sustainability and success.

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Cleaner Communities, One Doorstep at a Time

We're WasteFree, a team of dedicated professionals passionate about delivering unparalleled customer service and a frictionless experience for multifamily communities. Our people-first approach ensures that every resident feels valued and supported.


Welcome to the Ramp Up Package, designed specifically for new properties in the process of opening and filling occupancy. We understand the challenges of launching a new community, which is why we offer a flexible pricing structure that adjusts to your growth. Pay a reduced amount initially, with incremental increases month-by-month as your occupancy rate rises. This package allows you to focus on filling your community while we handle the waste management, with no surprise fees or penalties.

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Maximize your savings with our Multi-Community Deal! If you manage multiple properties or want to add new ones to your portfolio, this package is for you. Bundle your properties or add new ones to your existing contract for a significantly reduced price. Enjoy the benefits of streamlined waste management across your entire portfolio, with a single point of contact and customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Need flexibility in your waste management contract? Our Month-to-Month Package has got you covered! Enjoy the freedom to cancel or modify your services at any time, with no cancellation fees or penalties. While this package comes with a slightly higher monthly rate, you'll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can adjust your services as needed.

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Join the ranks of certified green communities with our WasteFree Certificate program! By partnering with us, you'll not only receive expert waste management services but also earn carbon credits based on the number of units served per year. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and attract eco-conscious residents with this prestigious certification. Let us help you reduce your environmental footprint while enhancing your community's reputation.

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ramp up multifamily communitymiami apartment complexmonth to month valet trash
recycling services
What areas do you serve?

We serve multifamily communities across the United States, with a focus on providing exceptional waste management services to properties of all sizes.

How do your pricing packages work?

Our pricing packages are customized to meet the unique needs of each community, with options for new properties (Ramp Up Package), multi-community deals, month-to-month contracts, and certified green communities (WasteFree Certificate).

Can I bundle multiple properties for a discount?

Yes! Our Multi-Community Deal allows property managers to bundle properties or add new ones to their existing contract for a significantly reduced price.

What services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive valet trash and recycling services, including doorstep collection, compacting, and hauling, as well as specialized solutions for bulk items and hazardous waste.

What is the Ramp Up Package?

The Ramp Up Package is designed for new properties, allowing them to pay a reduced amount initially, with incremental increases month-by-month as occupancy rates rise.

Can I get a certificate for being a green community?

Yes! Our WasteFree Certificate program recognizes communities that prioritize sustainability and earn carbon credits based on the number of units served per year.