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Valet Trash

Our regular collection service from your door enhances your living space, saves time, and boosts communities appeal.
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Catering to Diverse Residences

WasteFree adeptly handles valet trash solutions for every community, enhancing living spaces from luxury high-rises to affordable tax credit communities.

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Waste Process

At WasteFree, our meticulous process and dedicated staff ensure the highest standard of valet trash and recycling services. From seamless integration with your property's needs to transparent reporting, we handle every aspect of waste management with unwavering attention to detail, allowing you to focus on enhancing your community's living experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is valet trash?

A convenient service that picks up trash right from residents' doorsteps in multi-family communities, transporting it directly to the designated waste area.

What is valet recycling?

Valet recycling is a convenient door-to-door service for apartment complexes and multi-family communities. Residents simply leave their recyclables outside their door, and a dedicated service collects them.

Why is Valet Recycling Needed in Your Community?

Convenience: Residents don't need to worry about transporting recyclables or finding designated bins.

Increased Recycling Rates: Makes recycling easier, leading to more participation and less waste going to landfills.

Reduced Contamination Fees: Many cities, like Dallas, mandate recycling. Valet services can help ensure proper sorting, reducing contamination fees associated with mixed waste.

How does the risk-free trial work?

Our 90-day risk-free trial is designed to give you a comprehensive experience of our services without any commitment.

What types of properties does WasteFree service?

WasteFree caters to a wide range of multi-family communities, including high-rise, mid-rise, garden-style walk-ups, townhomes, and HOA's.

Do you offer recycling services?

Absolutely! We're committed to sustainability, which includes providing convenient and efficient recycling solutions in all of our service offerings.

How can I report a missed pickup or service issue?

If you encounter any service issues, our responsive customer care team is ready to assist you. Via our customer portal, support hotline, or chat box.

Are there additional costs for the provision of trash cans?

No, there are no extra charges. We provide new and replacement trash cans to our customers at no additional cost, as part of our commitment to providing the best trash valet experience.

How is WasteFree contributing to environmental sustainability?

We integrate eco-friendly practices across all our services, from our pledge to deliver systemic change throughout all levels of our organization, to informing residents about sustainable recycling practices.

Do you offer Valet Trash near me?

Yes, we work in any area with 2 or more existing properties. Which include Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Florida, and Connecticut.

What makes WasteFree different from other waste management services?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction, our innovative and sustainable approach to waste management, and our value-added services like free trash cans set us apart in the industry.

How does WasteFree handle large or bulky item disposal?

Absolutely! Please contact your dedicated customer service rep, or complete the contact form.