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Recyclables will be collected at the curb in containers provided by the City or other containers which are clearly marked recyclables and have a lid to secure the contents.

Atlanta Recycling Ordinances: Essential Information for Apartment Communities

Atlanta is committed to sustainability, and that includes making recycling accessible and convenient for residents of multi-family dwellings. As a property owner or manager of an apartment community in Atlanta, it's important to understand the requirements outlined by the city's recycling ordinances. This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know, including the specific ordinances, how to ensure compliance, and valuable resources to make recycling effortless for your residents.

Atlanta's Recycling Rules for Apartment Communities

The City of Atlanta outlines its expectations for multi-family recycling in the Code of Ordinances, Section 130-38. Key aspects include:

  • Mandatory Recycling: All apartment communities must provide adequate recycling containers for their residents.
  • Accepted Materials: Recyclables include glass, plastics, newspapers, and aluminum cans. Check the Atlanta Recycles website: https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments/public-works/recycling-program for a complete list.
  • Container Requirements: Recycling containers must have a minimum capacity of three gallons per living unit.
  • Recycling Education: Property managers are responsible for educating residents about recycling procedures and accepted materials.

How to Stay Compliant in Atlanta

To ensure your apartment community adheres to Atlanta's recycling ordinances, follow these steps:

  1. Partner with a Reliable Hauler: Contract with a waste hauler that offers comprehensive recycling services. The City of Atlanta maintains a list of approved haulers.
  2. Provide Convenient Recycling Access: Place recycling bins in easily accessible locations alongside regular trash bins.
  3. Educate Your Residents: Distribute clear instructions about what can and cannot be recycled. Use posters, flyers, and include recycling information in your resident handbook.
  4. Monitor and Enforce: Regularly check recycling bins to avoid contamination and address any non-compliance issues with residents.

Resources for Effective Recycling in Atlanta