Recycling Right in Columbus: A Comprehensive Guide for Apartments

March 28, 2024
columbus ohio recycling rules

Columbus, Ohio, a city known for its innovation and welcoming spirit, also embraces sustainability. Recycling plays a vital role in keeping Columbus clean and green. As an apartment owner or manager, it's essential to understand the ins and outs of Columbus' recycling program and empower your tenants to be active participants in the city's waste reduction efforts.

The ABCs of Recycling in Columbus

Let's break down the fundamentals of Columbus' recycling program:

  • Recycling is the Law: Multi-family properties in Columbus are required to provide accessible recycling services for their residents.
  • What Goes in the Bin: Columbus accepts a wide range of recyclables, including:
  • Paper and cardboard (please break down boxes)
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic containers #1, #2, #4, and #5
  • Cartons (like milk and juice cartons)
  • What Stays Out: Items like plastic bags, food waste, and yard debris don't belong in recycling. Always emphasize the importance of a clean recycling stream!

Columbus Recycling: Tips for a Smooth System in Your Community

  1. Choose Your Collection Method: The City of Columbus offers recycling collection for smaller complexes. For larger properties, it's often necessary to partner with a private hauler that understands apartment recycling needs.
  2. Accessibility Matters: Place conveniently located recycling bins next to regular trash bins throughout your property for maximum participation.
  3. Clear Instructions are Key: Provide detailed recycling guides with visuals to your residents. Include these in welcome packets, newsletters, and even post them near the bins. The City of Columbus offers resources: [invalid URL removed]
  4. Education is Ongoing: Regular reminders about recycling best practices in newsletters, on social media, or at community events reinforce good habits.
  5. Beyond the Bin: Partner with organizations like Wastefree ( to explore options like composting or other waste-reduction strategies for your property.

Why Recycling Matters in Columbus

  • Protecting Our Environment: Recycling reduces landfill waste and protects Columbus' green spaces for future generations.
  • Conserving Resources: When we recycle, we turn used materials into new products, conserving valuable natural resources.
  • A Greener Image: Apartments with strong recycling programs are more attractive to eco-conscious renters.
  • Fostering Community: Effective recycling initiatives build a sense of shared responsibility and pride among residents.

Resources for Recycling Success in Columbus

  • Columbus Department of Public Service: Your hub for recycling guidelines, collection schedules, and answers to common questions: [invalid URL removed]
  • SWACO (Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio): Offers information on recycling, composting, and waste disposal for the broader Columbus area:
  • WasteFree: A resource for commercial recycling programs, waste audits, and educational materials for businesses:

Let's Make Columbus Greener, One Apartment at a Time!

By understanding Columbus's recycling ordinances and taking a proactive approach, your apartment community can significantly impact the city's sustainability efforts.