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Navigating Dallas's Recycling Ordinances for Multi-Family Properties

As part of Dallas's commitment to sustainability and its Zero Waste Plan, the city has enacted an ordinance requiring all multi-family residential properties with 8 or more dwelling units to provide recycling services to their residents. Effective as of January 1, 2020, this ordinance marks a significant step towards reducing landfill waste and promoting eco-friendly practices in Dallas apartments and condominiums.

Key Requirements for Apartment Owners and Managers

To comply with the Dallas Multifamily Recycling Ordinance, property owners and managers must:

  1. Provide Recycling Services: Offer recycling through one of three options:
    • Valet service
    • Single-stream recycling (all recyclables in one container)
    • Dual-stream recycling (separation of some recyclables)
    Recycling capacity must be at least 11 gallons per dwelling unit per week. The city provides a handy calculator to help determine compliance.
  2. Use a Permitted Recycling Collector: Contract with a recycling hauler that is permitted by the city.
  3. Educate Residents: Provide clear information to tenants about the implemented recycling program, proper recycling practices, and the types of materials accepted. Accepted materials must align with Dallas's single-family residential recycling program.
  4. Display Proper Signage: Work with the recycling hauler to ensure clear signage is placed on all recycling containers.

Recycling Materials Accepted

Dallas apartments must accept the same recyclable materials as the city's single-family residential recycling program. These include:

  • Paper: Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, cardboard (flattened), paperboard
  • Plastics: #1 through #7
  • Metal: Aluminum and tin/steel cans
  • Glass: Bottles and jars
  • Cartons: Milk, juice, soup cartons

Resident Responsibilities

Apartment residents are required to participate in the provided recycling program and properly sort recyclable materials into the designated containers per the instructions provided by management.

Waivers, Extensions, and Enforcement

In cases where providing recycling services presents significant difficulties, the Dallas Sanitation Services Director or their designee may grant waivers or extensions. However, violations of the ordinance can result in citations and fines for property owners.

Steps for Implementing a Successful Recycling Program

  1. Choose a Recycling Service Provider: Select a city-permitted recycling hauler that best meets your property's needs. Consider factors such as collection frequency, container types, and educational resources offered.
  2. Obtain a Multi-Tenant Recycling Permit: Apply for the required permit through the city to ensure compliance.
  3. Determine Collection Logistics: Decide on container locations, collection schedules, and any additional services like valet recycling. Ensure you meet the required recycling capacity per unit.
  4. Educate Residents: Develop clear, informative materials about your recycling program. Include details on accepted materials, proper sorting, container locations, and collection schedules. Emphasize the environmental benefits of recycling.
  5. Install Proper Signage: Place clear, visible signs on all recycling containers. Work with your recycling hauler to obtain appropriate signage.
  6. Monitor and Adapt: Regularly monitor your program's success. Seek feedback from residents and make adjustments as needed to improve participation and address any issues.

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The Benefits of Recycling for Apartment Communities

Implementing a robust recycling program offers numerous benefits for Dallas apartment communities:

  1. Environmental Stewardship: Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces landfill waste, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. By recycling, your community actively contributes to a greener Dallas.
  2. Compliance and Avoidance of Fines: Meeting the requirements of the Dallas Multifamily Recycling Ordinance protects your property from citations and costly fines.
  3. Potential Cost Savings: Diverting recyclable materials from the waste stream can potentially lower your waste disposal costs.
  4. Resident Satisfaction and Retention: Many residents value eco-friendly practices. Offering a comprehensive recycling program can attract and retain environmentally-conscious tenants.
  5. Enhanced Community Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can positively distinguish your property within the competitive Dallas apartment market.

Learn More About Waste Management and Recycling

For more insights on waste management and recycling, visit the WasteFree.com blog. Discover articles on recycling best practices, waste reduction tips, and industry news to help your property navigate the evolving landscape of waste management.

By staying informed and working with knowledgeable partners like WasteFree.com, you can successfully implement a recycling program that benefits your residents, your property, and the environment. Join the growing number of Dallas apartment communities embracing sustainability and making a positive impact.