Navigating Recycling in Detroit: A Guide for Apartment Communities

March 28, 2024
recycling detroit

Detroit, the Motor City, is experiencing a resurgence, and embracing sustainability is an important part of that revitalization. Recycling plays a vital role in keeping Detroit clean, green, and thriving for years to come.  Let's break down the city's ordinances and provide tips for ensuring recycling success within your apartment community.

Detroit's Recycling Regulations: The Basics

  • Recycling is Available (and Voluntary): All Detroit residents, including those in multi-family housing, have the option to recycle. While not currently mandatory by law, Detroit strongly encourages recycling participation.
  • What Can Be Recycled: Detroit offers single-stream recycling, making things simple:
  • Paper, cardboard (flatten boxes)
  • Aluminum, steel, and tin cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastics #1, #2, and #5
  • Cartons (milk, juice, etc.)
  • What Stays Out: Items like plastic bags, Styrofoam, and food waste can disrupt recycling. Emphasize the importance of clean recyclables! The City of Detroit's website has the most comprehensive, updated list:]

How to Implement Easy Recycling in Your Detroit Apartment

  1. Recycling Access: Partner with the City of Detroit for free recycling carts (if your building is under 4 units) or contract with a private hauler that understands apartment complexes.
  2. Make it Convenient: Position recycling bins in high-traffic areas, right next to regular trash bins, to promote participation.
  3. Clear Communication: Provide residents with user-friendly guides outlining accepted recyclables. The City of Detroit likely has pre-made resources. Include reminders in newsletters and on social media.
  4. Recycle Here!: Detroit residents can also drop off recyclables for free at the Recycle Here! facility. This can be a great additional option for your tenants:]

The Benefits of Recycling in Detroit

  • A Cleaner City: Recycling reduces landfill waste and keeps Detroit's neighborhoods and public spaces healthy.
  • Supporting Revitalization: Participating in recycling shows a commitment to Detroit's ongoing renewal and building a greener future.
  • Community Spirit: Successful recycling programs foster a sense of environmental responsibility among residents.
  • Resident Appeal: Apartments with recycling programs become more attractive to renters seeking sustainable living options.

Resources for Recycling Success in Detroit

Let's Make Recycling a Habit in Detroit!

By understanding Detroit's recycling practices and encouraging resident participation, your apartment community becomes an essential part of Motor City's sustainable transformation.