Recycling Right in Los Angeles: A Guide for Apartment Communities

March 28, 2024
los angeles recycling rules

Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis known for its entertainment industry and diverse culture, is also a leader in sustainability. Recycling is a crucial part of LA's efforts to become a greener city. Let's explore Los Angeles' recycling ordinances and best practices for making recycling a smooth experience for your apartment residents.

LA's Recycling Regulations: The Essentials

  • Mandatory Participation: Los Angeles mandates that all apartments and multi-family buildings provide recycling services to their tenants.
  • Blue Bin Basics: LA's blue bin recycling program accepts a wide range of materials, including:
  • Paper, cardboard (flatten boxes)
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastics #1, #2, #4, and #5
  • Cartons (from milk, juice, etc.)
  • What to Keep Out: Items like plastic bags, food scraps, and yard trimmings shouldn't go in the blue bins. Check the LA Sanitation & Environment's website for the most up-to-date information:

Tips for Effective Recycling in Your LA Apartment

  1. Collection Know-How: The City of Los Angeles offers recycling services to smaller complexes. Larger communities will likely need to partner with a private hauler that specializes in apartment recycling needs.
  2. Accessibility is Key: Ensure recycling bins are just as numerous and visible as regular trash bins throughout your property.
  3. Educate and Inform: Provide clear guides to your residents outlining acceptable items with visuals. Consider including them in welcome packets, newsletters, and at community events. The city of LA likely has pre-made resources.
  4. Composting for the Win: LA offers additional composting options for food scraps and yard waste. If feasible, promote this to residents as it further reduces landfill waste!

Why Recycling Matters in Los Angeles

  • Landfill Limits: LA's rapidly growing population means waste reduction is vital. Recycling helps extend the lifespan of landfills.
  • Protecting Our Coastline: Recycling reduces trash and pollutants that can ultimately end up in the ocean, protecting LA's iconic beaches.
  • Community Spirit: Successful recycling programs foster a sense of environmental responsibility and pride among residents.
  • Appeal to Renters: Apartments with robust recycling programs are attractive to renters seeking eco-friendly living options.

Resources for Recycling Success in LA

  • LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN): Your go-to source for recycling information, guidelines, updates, and resources:
  • Wastefree: Discover waste audits, commercial recycling solutions, and educational resources to support your community:

Let's Keep LA Green – Together!

By understanding Los Angeles' recycling ordinances and taking steps to increase recycling participation in your apartment community, you aren't just following the rules. You're making a positive impact on the city's long-term sustainability and preserving the beauty of LA for generations to come.