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Recycling Ordinance


Recycling in Louisville: A Guide for Apartment Communities

Louisville, known for the Kentucky Derby, bourbon distilleries, and its welcoming Southern charm, is also committed to sustainability. Recycling plays a vital role in keeping the city clean and reducing waste. Let's delve into Louisville's recycling ordinances and how you can make recycling simple for your residents.

Louisville's Recycling Regulations: The Basics

  • Participation is Key: Louisville requires most multi-family housing complexes to provide recycling services to tenants.
  • What Goes in the Bin: Louisville's recycling accepts:
  • Paper, cardboard (flatten boxes, please!)
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Glass bottles and jars (any color)
  • Plastics #1, #2, #4, and #5
  • Cartons (from milk, juice, etc.)
  • What Stays Out: Items like plastic bags, food scraps, and Styrofoam can disrupt the recycling process. Emphasize the importance of clean recyclables!

Tips for Effective Recycling in Your Louisville Apartment Community

  1. Collection Choices: The City of Louisville provides recycling pickup to many multi-family properties. For eligibility and service details, reach out to Louisville Metro Public Works: https://louisvilleky.gov/government/public-works
  2. Make it Convenient: Ensure clearly labeled recycling bins are located prominently throughout your property, right next to regular trash bins.
  3. Clear Communication: Provide residents with user-friendly guides (the city may have resources) explaining what's recyclable and what isn't. Regular reminders about recycling in newsletters and on social media are also helpful.
  4. Composting Considerations: Explore opportunities for composting. While Louisville doesn't have a city-wide composting program, private services or community gardens might offer solutions to further reduce landfill waste from your property.

Why Recycling Matters in Louisville

  • Landfill Limits: Recycling helps extend the lifespan of landfills, a key concern for a growing city like Louisville.
  • A Healthy Ohio River: Recycling minimizes pollution and keeps Louisville's vital waterway, the Ohio River, clean for all to enjoy.
  • Community Connection: Well-organized recycling programs foster a sense of environmental responsibility among residents.
  • Renter Appeal: Offering convenient recycling makes your apartments appealing to those seeking a sustainable lifestyle.

Resources for Recycling Success

Let's Keep Louisville Green – Together!

By following the city's guidelines and actively educating residents, your apartment community becomes a vital part of Louisville's sustainability story.